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What Size Road Bike Is Best For You?

When it comes to buying a road bike, getting the right size is very important. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the bike and able to spend the time that you need to on it. However, it is important to note that there is more to the right road bike fit than just the size of the frame.

Going To The Bike Store

One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting the right size road bike will be to go to a bike store. The people in the store will be able to recommend the right size for you and you can often try the bike out before you buy. The employees will understand the different parts of the bike and how they will affect the fit that you need.

It is important to remember that we are not all made the same and the bike that fits someone of a similar height may not fit you. The bike store will also be able to make some small adjustments to the bike to ensure that you are completely comfortable with it. Of course, there are times when you cannot visit a bike store to purchase your road bike and need to look at other sizing information.

The Manufacturers’ Size Guide

While going to the bike store will be the easiest way to ensure that you get the right size road bike, you can also use the size guide provided by the manufacturer. This is a basic guideline that matches people of certain heights with the bike frame size that they need. These guides are all manufacturer specific as there are no standards when it comes to bike sizes and you need to be aware of this.

To start using these guides, you will have to measure yourself. You should never work on a vague idea of what your height is because this can result in you getting the wrong size bicycle. To get the right bike, you need to measure your height as well as your inside leg. When measuring, you might want to have someone help you as this can make the process much easier.

To measure your height alone, you need to stand against a wall and mark the top of your head with a pencil. You can then measure from the ground to this mark to get your height. If you have someone to help you, they can measure you away from the wall from the ground to the top of your head.

To measure your inside leg alone, you need to stand against a wall with a book held between your legs ensuring that it is flat against the wall. You will then have to measure the height from the book to the floor which will be easier if you have someone to help you. When using the size guide, you can find that you are on the edge of a size range.

If this happens, you will need to take your reach into account. To determine what your reach is, you will need to measure your ape index which is your arm span less your height. If you have a positive ape index, you need to go for the larger size bike. However, if you have a negative ape index, you need to go for the smaller bike.

The Bike Measurements

There are many sizing guides that have the bike measurements on them and you need to use this to determine the size that you should get. The measurement that you need to take the most note of will be the top tube length. If this length is too long, you will be overreaching to get to the handlebars. However, if the tube is too short, you will be in an uncomfortable position while you are cycling.

If you are looking for the most comfortable position for riding, you should look at a shorter top tube length. Of course, too short will be a problem and you need to consider this. Fortunately, there are some guides that can help you find the right frame size and top tube length to get.

Tweaking The Bike To Fit

After choosing the frame size, you need to be aware of the other tweaks that you can make to ensure that you are comfortable on the bike. The bar and saddle will need to be set correctly to ensure that you get the most out of frame size. This is where help from the bike store can come in handy because they will be able to adjust the saddle to suit you.

If you are thinking of buying a road bike, you need to know how to size it correctly. There are a number of ways that you can do this, but going to a bike store will be the easiest. Using the manufacturer sizing guide will also be an easy option.

This article was updated on December 3, 2018