Provide Relevant Information

Having well thought out, well-written content on your pages, especially your homepage, is the most significant thing to do. Pages that include valuable information in their content will draw more visitors and attract more webmasters to link to your site. When writing relevant and helpful content, make sure that you give a precise and accurate description of your topic. Consider the different words users might type when searching for your page online and incorporate them into your content.

Ensure that other sites link to yours

Links better enable crawlers to locate your site and can give it more visibility when appearing for search results. When delivering results for a search, Google uses complex methods to present pages that are meaningful and relevant to each search. Links from pages that are deemed more critical carry more weight and links from them can help your page to look essential and relevant too.

Google has algorithms that are able to distinguish natural links from unnatural links. A natural link to your site develops as part of the changing nature of the web when other sites think that your content is useful and valuable for their own visitors. Unnatural links to your site are put there only to make your site seem more popular to search engines. These types of links include link schemes and doorway pages. Only natural links are beneficial when it comes to the indexing and ranking of your site.

Design your site to be easily accessible

Make sure your site has a logical link structure. Every single page should be accessible from at least one static text link.?You can also use a text browser to check your site. Most spiders will see your site in the same way as Lynx or JavaScript will. If you are having trouble seeing your entire site in a text browser, keep in mind that spiders could have trouble crawling it as well.

Don’t pack your page with lists of keywords

Any efforts to “cloak” pages or put up “crawler only” pages can be detected by Google. Any site that includes pages, links, or text that are not intended for visitors to see are considered deceptive, and Google may ignore your site entirely.

Display essential names, content, or links in the text

Do not put this relevant information in images only. Google’s crawler won’t recognize text contained in graphics. You can use ALT attributes if the main content and keywords on your page aren’t able to be formatted in regular HTML.