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Tip On Choosing The Best Bike Shop In The Philippines

Making the decision to purchase a bike has to be one of the best decisions to make. However, there are a number of things to consider and steps to follow before making the actual purchase. It might be a decision that takes time and research to firstly decide on why you need to purchase a bike then decide on the bike model you want to purchase.

In choosing the bike model there are a couple of things that come to play such as your budget for the bike, availability of different models within your location that is if you intend to buy locally and also the bike operational and maintenance cost in the long run. The decision will also be influenced by the intended purpose of the bike and in which regions you would be planning to ride in. When you consider all the listed factors and make the purchase decision, you then would move to the next stage of the buying process and that involves choosing the best shop to purchase your bike from.

There are a number of issues that you might want to consider when buying a bike, this may include the shop pricing compared to other shops for the same bike or for a similar model, the after-sale services offered by the shop, the maintenance extras that the shop might offer and also the turnaround time for parts replacement and parts availability.

Below are 5 things you should consider before making a bike purchase:

1. Free Bike Fittings

Unless you are a professional bike assembler with all the required tools and equipment, you will definitely want to consider a store which offers free bike fittings after your purchase. Depending on the store, the free fitting offering can be as many extras as you might need including seat adjustments, chain oiling, mad guards installation and visibility lights mounting.

Some of the fittings will be custom made to your requirements such as the seat type and positioning. There are stores that offer these fittings within the sales floor making it easy for you to give your input on what you may need, however, for the stores with a backyard repair zone you might consider walking to the area and have the fittings done to your specifications. At the end of the day, the fittings should be able to offer you maximum comfort while protecting you from accidents and injuries.

2. After Sales Service

You would want to purchase your bike from a store that has more to offer to you even after the actual purchase. Bikes tend to have mechanical issues with continued days of usage and so you might want to purchase your bike from a store that will be able to offer essential repairs at no extra cost within the first few months of purchase while at the same time be available to answer and attend to any concerns that you might have after purchasing the bike from their store. 

3. Qualified Bike Specialists

It is essential that you opt for a shop that has qualified experts such as this bike shop in Pampanga  The bike assemblers and repair specialist plays a key role in determining the quality of bike they sell to you and also the quality of service they might offer after you purchase the bike.

4. Free Tune-Ups

You may want to consider getting your bike tuned after a month of use. Parts such as brake cables and shifters might need to be checked and tuned to guarantee efficiency and safety and so you will need to consider a shop that offers these services as an extra after certain days of use.

5. Do They Offer Bike Clinics

Depending on your intended use of the bike, you may want to look for a store that offers related clinics such as safety riding clinics and more so clinics to help you easily diagnose bike issues and self-repair with the available tools.

There are other numerous features to consider before making the purchase but the above should act as a starting point and as a guideline for determining the kind of store you would want to work with.

This article was updated on May 26, 2018